Monday, August 3, 2009

A Good Summer

The geese woke me with their bittersweet song yesterday morning. You know, the one that reminds you that while there's still some good weather and growing days left, the deadline of shortening days and cooler temperatures loom large.
It's been a good summer. Last year's high 80's and perpetual humidity hung too heavily in the air for me. This year has been freaky cool with daytime highs some ten degrees below all that.
The Spouse was swamped with several projects. The busyness subsided to a pleasant buzz this year, with several day hikes and picnics. We've had our first cup of coffee in our lawn chairs several mornings, watching Orion as he runs about the yard on search and destroy missions against rodents.
Orion's allergies have calmed under the soothing of an herbal remedy and more frequent baths. He deals with the dousings of the hose in stride, dries himself on the sofa and settles in for a nap in his nice clean coat.
The garden did better than what I'd hoped. I harvested another zucchini, and feel fortunate to have done so. We wait for the tomatoes.
We wait in the cradle of the moment, aware of its impermanence, and knowing the next has potential to be even better.

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