Monday, November 23, 2009

The Turkey Run

    T-day minus 72 hours and counting.
    This cool, foggy morning, Orion navigated to the farm where we get our turkey every year. He hops into the passenger seat, eyes peeled for law enforcement personnel lurking along the side of the road. I don't know what he'd do if he made the connection between one of the cars with lights and big antennas and Mommy getting into trouble, but it gives him a job. 
    Without incident, we pulled into the parking lot outside their store. The family also sells chickens and pork products, but today's focus is on the turkey. Good to get there so early today, since the craziness grows as the day draws closer. Only one person ahead of me, a good thing. I pushed it to the last minute once and a drenching in a cold rain as I waited in the interminable line taught me my lesson, and taught it well.
   Worth it, though. They grow a very fine turkey, indeed. Treated better than the factory farmed ones, too. These turkeys are free range and have only one bad day.   
   My next job will be getting it into the oven. On his way home tonight, The Spouse will make a stop at our favorite store for the random items that round out the holiday dinner. The stuffing, potatoes for mashing, and a green vegetable as well as some kind of dessert will round things out.
   Over our meal, we speak of things we are grateful for as Orion stares at the turkey: our health, that his job with the steady income has held on for another year, that we've not suffered any major losses. With the way that development threatens to encroach on our area, we give thanks that we've been able to celebrate with another local turkey, too.  

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