Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So What's a Media Maven To Do?

   Oh, you read the rant about news? Thanks for reading this, too. 
    Now you know why I stopped donating to WTTW in Chicago some years ago. Their program/arts/culture guide ran a review of a restaurant that featured live sushi. Said reviewer acted as if it were funny to eat a not-dead-yet fish while it took its last breaths in front of the diners. No. And no, I will not send money to any organization that appears to exist for the sole purpose of raising funds for itself. 
   While I'm not thrilled with some NPR sponsors, I contribute to Northern Public Radio, the mother ship for WNIU (one day pledge drives) and WNIJ from Northern Illinois University. That way I can keep NPR and classical on the air. And in the interest of naming names, I don't deal with WBEZ's calls for money at 10 p.m.  Oh, and WDCB for the jazz and folk(and limiting fundraising to twice a year).
    Outlets I'm happy with:
  • Pam's House Blend has great coverage of human rights and news feeds to other stories of interest.
  • Common Dreams is completely free of ads and has links to like-minded sites
  • International news from France 24, BBC and Al-Jazzera on line and on MHZ networks.
    Real news is only a click away.

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