Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Journal Class and an Update

Let's start with the update. The reporter who had to deal with the "nutritionist" that I wrote about this week sent me a personal email. Ends up that the "nutritionist's" PR person had misrepresented her to the party in charge of booking guests. The reporter was even more dismayed than I was, and forwarded my email to several producers as well as informing the guest in question that she'd never be on the show again. We send virtual roses to her for fighting on the side of good nutrition.

Journal class? Get your journals, pens and tea. Is your music on? Let's get started, then. We're going to use a prompt today, a word that helps you stay focused. Today's word: Journey. Keep your pen moving. What comes to mind? Just keep writing. If you get stuck, just write "journey" until the flow returns.

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