Saturday, February 28, 2009

Slightly Late Friday Journal Class, Saturday Edition

I love making lists. I may never get organized, but I have the illusion of it when I write out what needs to be done or bought. Or you can just have fun with here are some ideas:
1. Make two grocery lists, one reflecting what would've been on your childhood table and one from your adulthood. What have you learned?
2. You get to throw a dinner party for 8-12 guests. Whom would you invite, living, dead, historical or fictitious, and what do you serve?
3. Make a list of words that you like. Forget the meanings; just make a list of words that, as a writer friend of mine put it, taste good in your mouth.
4.What ten historical events in your lifetime have influenced/impacted you the most?
Have fun, most of all.

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