Monday, March 9, 2009

Journal Class: Dreams 101

Today, let us speak of dreams. Some feel that they are random electrical glitches shot through the brain during sleep. Others, present company included, believe that they are messages from the soul/unconscious/subconscious making themselves known to the conscious mind. When decoded, they provide rich soil for personal growth.
New to this? No problem. Start by setting the intention to remember your dreams. As you go to bed, just say to yourself, "I will sleep deeply and well tonight and remember my dreams in the morning." Then when you wake up, write down everything that you can recall.
Now, to decode the dream, either free associate about the symbols, or use dialoging to find out what they mean. Dialoging is where you have a conversation of paper with the symbol. Ask it what you need to know. When you feel ready, write the response. Go back and forth until you feel finished.
Next, if possible, engage in some activity to acknowledge the message. Even something as simple as plugging in a destination in a travel dream will let your unconscious know that you've received the message. Be creative, but honor the dream.

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