Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Actually, It's Pretty Dumb

Did you know that Froot Loops are a health food? Really, according to the good (said with dripping sarcasm) people of the Smart Choices council. Its members are several of the major food processor revamping the labling to tout non-existant health benefits.
What they did was to take nutritional info such as calories and move it to the front of the box rather than the side. Sure, you can have a serving of that for only 120 calories. What they leave on the side is the outrageous amount of sugar and the artificial colors and flavors.
While it may smack of the scene in "Sleeper" where Woody Allen wakes up in the future to find out that cigarettes and fried food are good for you, it's not funny in this case. Please pay Jenny at
http://thenourishedkitchen.com a visit to find out what you can do.


  1. I wonder whether the Smart Choices people have any conscience -- they truly know in their hearts that Froot Loops are basicially junk food.

  2. Hi Anonymous...thanks for your comment. This is one of those where one understands why "evil" is used to modify "genius" so frequently.