Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Fox Valley Folk Festival

For the last 33 Labor Days, the Fox Valley Folklore Society and Geneva, Illinois Park District have transformed Island Park, a real island in the Fox River connected to the mainland by bridges into a micro-nation celebrating all thing folk. Performers and artists with their creations share their lives' works in the shade of trees that have been on the island for as long as there was enough soil to hold their roots.
Our favorite local act? Small Potatoes (http://smallpotatoesmusic.com), a duo who do a little of everything, including the gently witty "Waltz of the Wallflowers," a song about two shy people meeting at a party. I've seen them in concert several times and they improve upon perfection with each show.
This year also included a songwriting workshop lead by Peggy Seeger, sing alongs, and other workshops.
Be there for the 34th annual Fox Valley Folk Festival, Labor Day weekend 2010, or be square. And bring your dog, too.

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