Monday, December 14, 2009

Swan and Iris: The Second Coming

Welcome to the world of e-publishing.
I had published Swan and Iris as a traditional hardcopy type of publication, but now with technological advances, it's back in a PDF format. The mission statement: "supporting our readers in living authentic lives of spirit, substance, and serenity."
The debut issue has articles on time banks, how Europeans stay thinner than people in the US, acupressure for dogs, an interview with Joan Norton, author of 14 Steps to Awaken the Sacred Feminine, media reviews, and a journaling exercise.
If you buy your clothes on the basis of what fits you instead of making yourself fit someone else's vision; if you believe that working for social change is a spiritual practice; if you prefer independent artists; if you honestly don't give a crap which celebrity buys what; and if you believe there's more than one way to have a relationship with That Which Is Out There, Swan and Iris might be for you. 

Interested in a sample? Email me at 
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Thanks for reading my blog and thanks for your interest!

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