Thursday, December 10, 2009

Working Out, Python Style

Monday: cloudy, and it started raining.
Tuesday: rain, snow, rain, sleet. Monty Python fans, please feel free to hum "Spam."
Wednesday: wind whipped snow and temperatures dropping like rocks down a well.
Thursday, today: Humans live in this? The flawless aquamarine sky belies barely above zero temps. It's about 4 above. Tomorrow will be a near tropical 20-something. 
The two big challenges: not succumbing to boredom-fueled snacking (much easier now that I don't bring stuff into the house) and keeping Orion entertained. We just can't walk as we usually do. The frigid weather limits our time outside, so we must take measures. 
Just now in the yard, Orion tended to his personal business. 
I jogged in place and did jumping jacks to keep warm.
Orion started to paw in the snow, as if wanting to play with it. Then he began tracking one of the critters who runs through the yard.
I, clad in a purple down coat, kept jogging and doing jumping jacks. I started singing "The Lumberjack Song."
Orion gave me a horrified look and ran for the back door.  

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