Friday, January 1, 2010

The Double Standard Rides Again

    Ok, we have another messed up celebrity car wreck. Charlie Sheen of "Two and a Half Men" spent the better part of Christmas in jail in Aspen. His wife, Brooke Muller, alleged that he had threatened her and put a knife to her throat when she told him that she wanted a divorce. She recanted the story, and they reportedly are walking hand in hand to some poor shrink's office to patch things up.
      Mr. Sheen has a history of womanizing and was convicted of assault for hitting an ex-girlfriend in the mouth hard enough to send her to the hospital for stitches. He's been in and out of rehab numerous times and blew a .04 on Christmas (granted that Brooke blew a .13 and has had drug and alcohol issues of her own).
      My question is this: Chris Brown beat the living snot out of ex-girlfriend Rhianna last spring. Many stores are refusing to carry his newest CD as a consequence.  Why, then, did the ratings for last Monday's episode of "...Men" hold fairly steady?
     Gee, do you think that race might have something to do with it?
      It doesn't matter. Someone who is prone to violence needs to be held accountable. I personally never want to watch "...Men" again (tolerated for The Spouse's sake).  Anyone else up for writing letters after all this gets sorted out on 2/8/10?

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