Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti Needs Our Help

   Was it just me, or was yesterday an overflowing newsday?
   At the start of our 5:00 news yesterday, viewers were greeted by footage from the hearings in California to overturn Prop 8, scenes from outside Northwestern Memorial Hospital where Maggie Daley, wife of Mayor Richard Daley, was dealing with complications from chemotherapy, the ongoing Conan-NBC controversy, and then there was the footage pouring out of Port-au-Prince.
   Haiti endured a 7.0 earthquake yesterday. The architecture just wasn't designed to withstand that sort of torture. Hospitals, homes, everything has been leveled. No electricity, no water, no communication. As if they didn't have enough problems already.

   In addition to the blessedly ubiquitous Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, MercyCorps, UNICEF, OXAFM, AmeriCares, Save the Children, and Direct Relief International are all stepping up or en route to help. I'm going to. Won't you join me?

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