Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Excuse Me, Mr. Lohan, Your Daughter Failed The System

     Oh, please. "Today" just reported that Michael Lohan, father of Lindsay Lohan, walked up to a bank of mics after her latest court date and told the world that they system had failed his daughter.
     The former actress turned celebrity trainwreck appeared in court yesterday for her probation hearing stemming from a 2008 possession charge. She's missed drug and alcohol rehab classes up the kazoo. Her SCRAM anklet went off once (that we the public know of), indicating alcohol use.
     The judge sentenced her to 90 days, starting on the 20th of this month.
     The cameras caught shots of Ms. Lohan sobbing that she was trying to take responsibility for her life and that jail would prevent her from earning a living (anyone remember her doing anything other than go to parties, jail, or rehab in the last five years?). And then there was a close up of one of her middle fingers. On it was written, "F*** you."
      Not a good way to invoke a judge's grace and favor.
      In another lifetime, I was an addictions counselor. Oh, the lies, the stories my clients told. Oh, the coverups by their significant others. Were there some who fell through the cracks? With the social service network as it was, it was regrettably inevitable. In her case, though, the odds would be a lot less because the treatment centers wouldn't be as overcrowded. Some of my clients made good recoveries. Many more probably could have used jail time to wake them up.
      I just hope that Lindsay does before it's too late.

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