Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Convicted on One Count of Fibbing to the FBI

   Finally, the verdict was handed down yesterday for ex-Governor Blagojevich. Guilty of lying to the FBI.
   That was the only one that unanimously stuck. The other 23 counts for wire fraud, extortion, soliciting bribes, the jury was hung. Evidently, one juror was left unconvinced.
    The defense team of Adams pere et fils should send flowers.
    Of course US States Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald wants to retry the case. While ex-Gov. B attempted and conspired to do bad things for his own personal gain, no money exchanged hands, nor was there a direct link to someone's injury or death as it was with George Ryan's proceedings (a commercial license had been procured through bribes for an inept driver, leading to an accident that wiped out six of eight children in a family).
     By no means do I believe that Rod should walk free. Does he need to pay a consequence? Yes, but keep in mind that there are worse things someone could do than not being able to keep his pie hole shut.

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