Monday, August 30, 2010

Really, I Was Just Doing Some Research: The Guilty Pleasure of You Tube

   Ok, ok. You caught me. I'm working on a novel about a band, one contemporary to the Police, U2, Genesis. Feeling stuck, I entered the names of some of my favorite songs into my favorite search engine.
    Courtesy of You Tube, I was able to see videos for "If You Love Somebody (Set Them Free)," (not impressed, Sting not withstanding), "We'll Be Together" (cute), and "Desert Rose" (Gordon Matthew Sumner, you can do better than a ride into Vegas in a Jag, especially for a song of that magnitude).
    Music aside, there are the innumerable videos of pets acting adorably (such as one involving two Brittanys telling their two-legged mom that it was time to get up). I'm an idiot for those.
    Sometimes, there's a whoop of insanity as refreshing as cold water on a hot day. The Internet is Made of Cats came courtesy of a friend's blog (thank you, Charlie!), and I load it up when I need a giggle or two. Then there's a live version of Solsbury Hill with an exuberantly goofy twist.
    Happy Monday.


  1. I'd forgotten about The Internet Is Made of Cats. That's probably actually true.

    That version of Solsbury Hill is some sort of fitness program for bands, huh? I've never played on a stage big enough for a bicycle, unfortunately. Maybe someday.

  2. I bookmarked "...Cats" after watching it the first 2, 978 times. :)

    That was a fun version of "Solsbury Hill." Definitely get the crowd's attention!