Monday, November 1, 2010

T-24 Hours and Counting

   Tomorrow, finally, is election day. Finally. Obviously, I will go vote. There's too much at stake this time.  My duties are to choose a governor, a senator, a US representative, and several county board members.
    It's been a long and silly season. Rich Whitney (G-Governor) wasn't allowed on the televised debates with Gov. Quinn and state Sen. Brady. He instigated a lawsuit against WTTW last week on the grounds of denial of his fair share of air time.
    I hope Mr. Whitney wins his case. I've watched him in interviews. He's been poised. He's not resorted to  mudslinging, just to what he intends to do to serve the state.
    In the clips of the debates between Brady and Quinn, they behaved worse than a couple of first graders fighting over a swing. Neither of them offered any solutions to the state's economy, the biggest issue. Same performance by senate candidates Giannulias and Kirk. Green candidate LeAlan Jones was leveraged out of the televised debates as well. That saddens me. Did you know that he turned down a job in investment banking so that he could be sure that he raised his nephews right? He had guardianship of them and wanted to live up to his obligations.
    Over the last few months, I've struggled where to place my vote. I know I certainly don't want Brady in there.  Kirk and his works of fiction have turned me off to no end. Quinn's not done very much. Following you heart is a catch phrase used with alarming frequency these days. In this case, where will it take me if I vote with it?

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  1. The ads on television and out in the street are just bombarding us with useless information. I wish there was a law about how many ads they can display and how detailed they should be.