Tuesday, November 16, 2010

We Interrupt Today's Events

   It is announced that HRH Prince William and his longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton are (finally) officially engaged. The wedding date will be arranged soon.
    Ok, ok. I know that this is irrelevant to many. In the larger world, we have a death toll of 1,000 in Haiti from a cholera outbreak. I'm waiting on the justice system to go after George W. and Company for his published confession. I'm looking for the link for the group of men who want to show up en masse at airports in kilts to protest the TSA pat downs (posted here as soon as I find it).The smaller world has ongoing issues with eldercare and the day to day challenges of life in these times.
     But, dear God, I need a break. Some watch shows like "Desperate Housewives" or "Grey's Anatomy." Others escape into sci-fi or games. Me? Give me a good slice of historical pie or a story about England's Monarchy. Brew some proper real tea with a splash of milk and let me sit on the sofa with Phillippa Gregory or Alison Weir and I will come back a new woman.
    History teaches us how much things haven't changed. If we were just simply to state the facts (a cholera epidemic is afoot; a puppet leader is getting away with torture; a protest is planned; a prince is to wed a commoner), what century would we be in?
    As we ponder that question, the staff at this blog sends His Highness and Ms. Middleton all the best, and respectfully reminds them that there's enough time to keep Vegas open as an option.

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