Friday, May 29, 2009

Things That Bug Me: The Friday Edition

It's ok for two drunks in Las Vegas to get married and then likely spilt up when the hangover wears off. No one is raising havoc over "Hitched or Ditched," a show on one of the fringe networks that involves a long-term couple getting a free wedding if the would-be bride forces a reluctant groom to the altar. But two people who love, honor, and cherish each other and want to make the formal commitment can't just because they're the same sex and that's a mockery of marriage? Me get it no.
Supermodels. Beauty pageant contestants. Media personalitites. Other parties who show up on talk shows despite being vapid and vaucous. What happened to interviews with artists about their latest project and not their most recent arrest, and why do they frequently get an hour of air time to defend themselves when no one really cares that much. "TMZ" is an awful show, too. It's like junior high, only worse.
People who don't comply with leash or cleanup regulations at the park where I walk my dog. There's a $75 fine for either offence.
I don't get paid $75 a crack for keeping my dog leashed and cleaning up after him.
People who use their issues as an excuse for bad behavior instead of learning how to behave in less detrimental ways.
PBS pledge drive breaks. How long can you listen to babble and watch people answer phones, anyway?

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