Thursday, June 25, 2009


In this corner, we have the current Iranian regime against the voters who have had enough and are saying so in no uncertain terms. In the other corner, we have the dictator of North Korea threatening the US with actions allegedly planned for the Fourth of July.
Please direct your attention to the middle. We have disgraced Gov. Mark Sanford (R-SC), just back from a visit to his mistress in Buenos Ares, Argentina. So much more colorful than taking off on the Appalacian Trail, where he told staffers he'd be hiking for a few days to clear his head.
We have annoyed staffers who threw him to the journalistic lions in the hall of the capitol building, much to the amusement of the tourists.
I wish that I could be grown up about this. I wish that I could take a stance of compassion. Poor guy. Here he is, no time to prepare a statement. His wife bucked the tradition of the long-suffering political spouse standing by his side at the confessional press conference.
But I can't. Between him yelling loudly for Clinton's resignation during the Lewinsky scandal and the violation of trust of the voters, I just can't.

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