Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunday Morning at the Park

It bodes unwell to pull into the parking lot of a usually peaceful park and find a sherrif's cruiser on a Sunday morning. Not again, I thought as I glanced toward the concession stand.
Yep, again. Last year, unenlightened souls broke in. Based on kicked door and the plunder of sodas and Hershey bars, the perps were likely in their early teens.
This year, though, the culprits had cut padlocks and pulled one of the windows out by its frame to enter the stand. Their booty included fishing gear, money from the vending machines, and other oddments. Several pieces of equipment had been moved, as if attempts to drag them in tow had been aborted due to their weight.
No one had been physically hurt, thank heavens. Still, the invasive, intrusive act left lash marks on on everyone who frequents the park as well as the proprieters. The damage will be fixed. The window will be reinstalled.
How, then, will we feel as safe there again?

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