Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Earthquake Report, or WTF Wednesday

   The loud bang caused no particular consternation. Orion just rolled over in his sleep and kicked the wall or the door, reasoned my 4 AM coffee-less brain. Rolled myself over and settled back into slumber.
    Not too long after, sauntered downstairs to exercise. Turned on WGN-TV at 7:30 to get the weather. Up came the map: some twenty miles north of my house lay the epicenter of an earthquake, 3.8 magnitude, that had shaken the area and not a few people at 3:59 AM.
     Damage? None to speak of, nor any injuries. Collectively, trains, snowplows, car accidents received blame for the knocked over pictures and rattled windows. Some companion animals were freaked, but no lasting harm done. Orion slept through it, ironically.
     I'm still a little surprised myself. One doesn't really expect quakes in the solid and stogy midwest. That's for the west coast as it prepares to knock itself into the Pacific in oh, 5000 years. Elbowing tectonic plates that shake things up just don't happen here, dear.
     No wonder we were more shaken by the idea than the event.

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