Thursday, February 25, 2010

Notes on the Seaworld Tragedy

    Beings that weigh 12.3K pounds do not belong in captivity. Period. End of quotation.
    Remember that orcas are also known as killer whales. Notice the modifier, people: killer. Was this part of the Disney-fication of the world's oceans, thinking that a trainer could suddenly emerge from the water all healed and ready for the next trick? Please.
      I've not watched any of the reports, just the teasers. The networks have covered the story from every possible angle save one: the ethics of keeping these animals in captivity. Oh, it comes down to making money off of them. Excuse me. But no one will acknowledge this reality because it would cause the self-congratulatory entertainment industry to crumble, leaving people to do things like read and plant gardens and travel to destinations where free whales dwell.
      It's bad enough that the trainer lost her life to the batsh*ittery of it all, and that someone's daughter, sister or friend is no longer on this side of the vale. It's just as bad that both were exploited to that extent in the name of a buck.
    I like baths, but would not want to spend my life in the confines of my tub, even with the massaging jets and jasmine or lavender bubbles.   Even with the adoration of so many fans, the orca is not happy in captivity, people.

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